OutBack Technologies USA is the distributor of SuperPro's full range of Polyurethane Suspension Bushings for 4x4 vehicles, manufactured by the Fulcrum suspension company of Australia, throughout the USA and Canada. Our products can be used in applications where the vehicle is intended for use in extreme conditions, including various forms of motorsport:
- 4x4
- Racing

Replacing your car rubber suspension bushes with SuperPro Polyurethane Suspension Bushes will give you:
- Better road holding
- Constant steering geometry
- Increased tire life
- More responsive steering
- Longer service life of suspension components

Our products are constantly tested and re-engineered using SuperPro’s own vehicle fleet and customers' vehicles around the world. We also utilize a continuous program of cyclic testing on specifically-designed test equipment.

With our extensive range of superior quality bushings, we provide solutions to most suspension and steering problems.

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Improve Your 4 X 4 Vehicle Performance, Stability, & Traction Control On & Off Road. 

Get A "New Car Feel" All Over Again.

Why Polyurethane?

In contrast to rubber, polyurethanes, especially those manufactured using cold pour/thermo setting processes, can be resistant to deterioration exhibited by rubber due to exposure to oil, gas, salt, antifreeze, ultra-violet light and abrasion, while retaining its original shape. The result is a suspension bushing which will last a lot longer than rubber – and will perform consistently throughout its life.

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Areas of Proficiency


OFF ROAD PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT While driving off road or in extreme conditions SuperPro bushings will keep their durability and will provide constant steering geometry, better traction control, extra off road stability and better road handling and control. Using SuperPro bushings will maintain a “new car feel” for the remaining life of the vehicle, increase tire life, and increase the life cycle of suspension components. If you take your vehicle off road and have to replace suspension components often, we have a solution for you!

 WHEEL ALIGNMENT CASTER CORRECTION BUSHINGS – Caster is the steering angle that helps keep a vehicle steering ahead. This angle will change due to aging of the vehicle or if the suspension has been raised by lifting the vehicle. SuperPro origins were born out of vehicles that were not a pleasure to drive due to caster differences. Today, the SuperPro bushings offer correction without changing the ride or off road flexibility, improve highway driving & maintaining the “bite” of the front tires when off road, and better performance.

STEERING RACK & PINION MOUNT BUSHING -   As the vehicles age, leakage of lubricating oils and the effect of ultraviolet light cause the original mounts to degrade. The end result is movement of the rack in its mounting location causing the vehicle to wander, introducing instability and change in the rolling toe. While these are obviously critical problems, replacement mountings are traditionally expensive or no longer exist in original equipment catalogues. SuperPro has produced a number of cost effective rack mounts to overcome this situation and to provide positive location of the rack with no deterioration of the mounting material.

New Product

SuperPro for Jeep JK Wrangle

SuperPro is the ideal choice for bush replacement for repair, performance upgrade and lifted Wranglers. SuperPro out performs the original O.E bushings in every location on the vehicle.


• Rubber bushings deteriorate and induce undesirable characteristics into the handling.

• The trailing arm bushes stabilise the forward and aft movement of both axles. Worn bushings impart steering angles on the vehicle causing the vehicle to wander all over the road and make the vehicle subject severe directional changes under braking.

• The Panhard rod bushes control the sideways movement of both axles; wear in these bushings make the vehicle unstable at higher speeds and unstable under braking.

• SuperPro bushings are more durable and give more positive arm location than an O.E rubber bushing, resulting in a vehicle that gives the driver that “New Car Feel” for the life of the car.


• Fitting bigger, wider wheels and tyres to the Wrangler seriously impact the performance of the rubber bushes.

• Increasing the tyre contact patch increases the amount of rubber in contact with the road; this in turn amplifies the drag and load imparted on the rubber trailing arm bushings. This will cause instability under braking and dramatically reduce their service life.

• Fitting SuperPro at the same time as the wider wheels will enhance the vehicles suspension to handle the additional forces imparted by the bigger tyres.

Raising the Wrangler dramatically alter the performance of a rubber bushing.

• SuperPro bushings provide superior control and, in specific locations, work as a free pivoting bearing, regardless of ride height.

Customer Review

The following are reviews we have received on SuperPro products and service.

-  "...the SuperPro urethane bushings (3) and have been pleased with their performance and durability.
There is very slightly more road feel at the steering wheel from the urethane bumpers versus the softer factory rubber type bushings...I only noticed it right after I made the switch. "

- Thank you so much for the amazing service!

- It has been six months and there has been no deteriation of the stability of the ride. The SuperPro Polyurethane Rack Bushings # SPF2470K have been awesome!!!

- "I finally have installed my bushings and I love them! The increased caster feels great, and the ride is superb. I contacted SuperPro directly and asked them to revise the instructions a bit to make them more clear, and they did! I have never come across a company who would go through the trouble to make new instructions for someone! Installation was easy and my alignment came out perfect."

Our online store offers fraction of our inventory. Call us with any question for any 4x4 vehicle.


• Lifting a vehicle also lifts the centre of gravity, in turn inducing greater forces on the suspension, requiring a more resilient suspension bushing in every location to control the attitude of the trailing arms.
• Rubber bushings work through a limited range of rotation and have voiding in specific locations for their optimal performance, increasing the ride height of a vehicle changes all this.